Specialty Services

Specialty Servicesspecialty service

Specialty Services Specialty Services at Redi-Strip Metal Cleaning Canada Ltd. include application-specific services such as:

  • Cleaning for Oxygen Service
  • Cleaning for Chlorine Service
  • Cleaning for Hydrogen Service, Cleaning
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief, which protects high alloy metals
    from hydrogen induced cracking and premature failure.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Service, etc.


Mobile Onsite Service

mobile onsite serviceIn situations where projects are permanent and stationary and cannot be performed at our facility,  Redi-Strip provides a convenient and often necessary mobile service.  Our skilled team  of metal treatment specialists will travel to customer sites to service onsite equipment of all shapes and sizes.

Our policy is to always do whatever it takes to get the job done to your satisfaction!