Our Facility

Integrated Facilities

Redi-Strip’s fully-integrated facilities allow metal products to be cleaned, blasted, pre-treated, coated and finished all under one roof.

Work flows seamlessly from one process to another, resulting in faster turnaround, cost savings and reduced downtime.

Our 30,000 square foot facility contains overhead hoists and lift trucks to a lifting capacity of 20,000 lb (9100 Kg).

To serve you better our well equipped operation also provides the following:

Chemical Dip Tanks

  • Hot Caustic
  • Cold Stripper
  • Pickle
  • Zinc Phosphate
  • Parkerizing
  • Pickle/Passivation
  • Oil
  • Other

2 Blast Booths

  • 20′ x 60′ & 20′ x 14′
  • Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning
  • Direct Pressure Pots
  • Garnet, Starblast, Steel Shot/Grit, Walnut, Glass, Grit, etc.

2 Paint Booths

  • 16′ x 46′ and 12’\ x 47′ (larger available)
  • Controlled Temperature
  • Conventional Air Spray, Airless Spray, Hand Striping

Pressure Wash

  • 3000 Psig (Typical)
  • Cold or Hot Water
  • 1 Micron Filtration
  • Deionized Water (DIW) Rinse Option

Product Drying

  • Dry Oil Free Forced Air
  • Overhead Infra-Red (IR) Heat
  • Natural Air Dry
  • Nitrogen Gas

Curing Oven

  • 6′ W x 5’D x 6’H
  • 450° F (230° C) Max

Keep in mind we also provide on-site service for those projects that cannot come to us!

Contact Redi-Strip for one-shop, one-stop, metal finishing!