About Us

About Redi-Strip Metal Cleaning Canada Ltd.

Redi Strip Metal Cleaning Canada About UsRedi-Strip Metal Cleaning Canada Ltd. was founded in 1978 as a metal cleaning service primarily for auto restoration enthusiasts.  Today, however due to years of experience,  our  high level of expertise and solid quality standards, Redi Strip’s unprecedented service is in high demand in many heavy industrial sectors.

Over the years, the friendly family-run business has evolved into a world class metal cleaning, pre-treatment and finishing operation with a solid reputation for delivering quality service on a wide variety of metal finishing challenges.

Our 30,000 square foot operation  houses a number of departments with facilities to perform a variety of chemical processes, medial blasting, painting and coating and other specialty services for projects of all shapes and sizes

Furthermore, if your particular project cannot come to us, we will go to you as we also provide excellent “mobile on site” service!

Our Mission is to continuously exceed customer expectations while being steadfastly committed to improving our effectiveness and quality.

We operate  in an environmentally responsible manner, as well as  maintaining a safe and satisfied family of employees is a primary focus we take very seriously.


Our Contribution to the Environment


We help clients reduce, reuse and recycle their metal assets hence reducing what may otherwise end up in landfills.

Our services delay corrosion, extending the useful service life of equipment and structures.

Our goal is to help you “maintain” instead of replace therefore reducing your environmental footprint.

We take our environmental responsibility very seriously and all of our operations comply with environmental regulations

All chemicals are handled appropriately and used efficiently. Waste water is analyzed and treated prior to discharge. Airborne contaminants are filtered and sludge and solid wastes are hauled away by Certified waste disposal service providers.

Furthermore, we seek out ways and implement new procedures on an ongoing basis to further improve our operational efficiency while reducing energy consumption and overall carbon footprint.

We make every effort where possible to use “green” or environmentally friendly products and lower chemical concentrations.

Outsource your metal cleaning, pre-treatment and finishing operations to Redi-Strip to reduce both economical and environmental impacts!

Health and Safety

redistrip staff

The health, safety and well being of our workers and customers is paramount at Redi Strip Metal Cleaning Canada!

We maintain a safe work environment and require our family of employees and visitors alike to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) in all areas of our operation.